About Us

Busy Bee Communications offers Data Collection services primarily in the Market Research Industry and other related fields, to ensure that you are armed with the right information to drive your business in the direction that you want.

Through extensive consultation and a thorough understanding of your requirements, we can assist you with getting quality data by means appropriate to you. Even if you already have a market research team, our professional resources can slot in effortlessly to assist where your own team may not have the required skills or time.

We have fieldworkers across all key areas in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Western Cape, who are proficient in conducting in-depth face to face interviews, telephonic interviews, retail audits, shopper studies, mystery shopping, focus groups (recruitment and facilitation) and many other forms of market research. This ensures that you are well-positioned to make informed strategic decisions on various aspects of your business.

Our Roots

In 2007, Mr Shepard Muleya established Busy Bee Communications, primarily to provide various market research data collection resources. Shepard’s vision was to build a company that could facilitate the growth of businesses, by arming them with quality data for their onward growth while also creating jobs and opportunities to uplift communities.

The company’s experience transcends across all racial and business divides and always ensures that the best possible quality of data is obtained.

Today the company commands a recognizable stake in the data collection industry in almost all provinces in South Africa and still growing further. It is home to a team of ambitious and energetic individuals who have grown and benefited from the passion, energy and skills that Shepard has shared with them.

Ongoing training and astute field team and project management skills ensure that every individual remains at the forefront of the industry and at the top of their game.

Our Core Services

• GIS Map-based/driven interviews
• Fieldwork(both Qualitative and Quantitative, and Moderation)
· Editing and Back-checking
• Manual Analyses
• Transcripts
• Data Processing
• Interpretations
• Presentations
• Shopper Intercepts
• Customer Satisfaction Needs
·Door to DoorIInHome Interviewing
• Interviews with Informal Traders
• Mystery Shopping(secret investigations)
• Focus group recruitments and facilitation
• Normal In-depth Interviews
• Personal Trade/Industry Surveys from high to low-level interviews
• Quota controlled face-to-face interviews
• Retail Audits
·Snow balling Interviews
• Store Audits
• Telephonic Interviewing (House hold, Trade/Industry
• Middle Management
• In Store Product Promotions and merchandising

Our Philosophy

Market Research is an industry that relies on honesty, integrity and credibility. Without these three principles, business marketing efforts would simply fall flat.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, work ethic and excellence in quality of work.

To ensure that our field representatives aspire to and attain the elements of our global philosophy, we ensure thorough and meticulous training and management.

Busy Bee Communications micro-manages all projects to ensure that our data integrity remains above industry standards.